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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Momma

Today is my momma's birthday. 65 years ago, she graced the earth with her presence.

My momma is my hero.

She married my father at 17, birthed 6 babies, survived a not so good relationship w/ my dad, divorced my dad, went to college after that - with 4 of us 6 kids still at home, provided for us (even using welfare when necessary) and took my shit as a teenager.

That in itself deserves a medal.

Me - being the POS that I have been recently, didn't get her card out, or the kids' cards out, or the Happy Birfday Video posted from the boys - but I did send flowers today (from her favorite daughter ;) - and have vowed to mail the cards this weekend.

Love you Momma! From the bottom of my toesies!


Blogger Baby Momma said...

Awww - Happy B-day Momma!!! :)

2/6/09, 7:01 PM  

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