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Friday, January 30, 2009


So an update to the sick kid?

He's got pneumonia! WTF???? So glad we took him in. He spent yesterday morning w/ Daddee and then came to work w/ me for the afternoon (god damn work/life balance shit is hard).

In order to celebrate my sick child, last night I went out w/ my momma friends, diamond hunting! Wheee! We returned to the scene of the Drunken Baby Shower to have a few cocktails and try to win a diamond. The bartender came around often w/ his huge martini glass filled w/ stones. All CZ's except 1 real half-carat diamond.

The first pass? We each took one. Clearly novices.

The second pass, I thumbed like 6 (the positive of having fat ass thumbs).

In all, I used my charming ways to connive more passes of the glass and ended up w/ 54 stones.

My friends got lots, too - like 30+ and 20+.

No we take them to the jeweler (hello, free advertising for them!) to see if we win!

Think there's a real one in there???


Blogger Denise said...

Oh I do think there is a real one! Bottom row - middle! :)

1/30/09, 11:16 PM  

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