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Momma Kiss: 25 Things

Momma Kiss

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Things

The 25(ish) things I would love to post on Facebook. And TAG like everyone.

1. My husband is recently more active on FB and I censor myself. I don't likey dat. At all.

2. I bought 2 nursing bras when Lil Kiss was born. They're sleeper bras. I still wear them to sleep in. Dead Sexy. But the ta-tas are too large to be going all FreeBird at night.

3. I just removed like 9 friends from FB - they became friends when I was all "new and be my friend" but I honestly had no clue who they were. Found out they were kids in my brother's class (younger) and probably idolized me (who wouldn't) - but still - I just axed them.

4. My child, the little one, was crying out in his sleep last night. No fever, but I gave him Tylenol. I do that often.

5. I purposely did not send my sister a birthday card last month because even tho she's recently made somewhat of an effort to be in touch, she didn't send me (or my kids) anything for years and I'm holding a grudge.

6. She's my only sister and we used to be very very close. She fucked over my mother and won't fess up to it and I can't forgive her.

7. I love the Showtime show Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

8. My husband does not know that I write here. I like it that way.

9. My "hours" at work are 9 to 5. I typically get there a little after 9 and leave at 4.50. Some days, I show up at like 8.30 to make it look good. And then there's 'reporting' times, when I work my ass off and I hate it.

10. I got a 'friend' request on FB from this chick who HATED me in high school. Well, the feeling was very mutual. But What the Fuck? Just nosey? I ignored that shit.

11. Why is this so FB Centered? Apparently it's been on my mind.

12. I read the news stories about kids like Caylee Anthony and "baby Grace" in Texas and the woman who drowned her kids in the tub. I get sucked into the stories. Even though it makes me sick. I can't believe the monstrosity of some people.

13. Sometimes I wish for my life 'before kids.' I love those boys madly, but miss my sleep, my late nights and my hot body.

14. I have really stinky farts. My whole family teases me about it. Say I "inherited Gramma Martha's ass."

15. Farting makes me laugh. A Lot. Esp when it wakes my husband up from a deep sleep - gagging.

16. I have friends all over the world and wish I could make the effort to save up and take time to see them. Australia, Scotland, Norway, California, DC. We do keep in touch - but it's not the same as face to face.

17. My nephew in the air force is currently stationed in Germany and I'm jealous that he's doing so much at such a young age. I admire him. And I'm proud of him.

18. My husband has PMS sometimes. It drives me insane.

19. I'm recently in touch w/ some friends from high school - they've just been e-mail/text/calls, no visits (yet) but it's really REALLY refreshing to 'know' the person now vs. the retards we were at 16.

20. I am a discount shopper, but buy $25 body lotion. 3 jars at a time.

21. I also buy $30 shampoo. But $2 conditioner.

22. This is just pissing me off - so I'm done.


Blogger Baby Momma said...

I don't know what cracks me up more - that this is one of your fav's & NOBODY posted a comment (:p), or that I made this list!

Eh - all of it makes me laugh. I always love your lists.

10/1/09, 1:54 AM  
Blogger MommaKiss said...

Well I'm not as loved as I thought I was, I guess.


10/1/09, 8:03 AM  

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