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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fresh and Clean!

I just went to the gym. Second day in a row. My 24 hours of debauchery w/ my BFF A this past weekend was NAHT GHUD on the gubba.

We drank A LOT (beer, wine and a whole bottle of Absolut).

We ate A LOT (crackers & cheese, chips & dip, and a kick ass homemade pasta dish AND cake. Like HALF OF A CAKE!)

So - Motivation Mary got my ass up & moving to the gym 2x this week.

The point?

I showered and didn't even bother "doing" my hair. I mean, the day's half over, I just sit in my damn office writing reports and shit and who really gives a flyin fuck?

Not me apparently ;)

But I'm still a Loser (already lost the weight from this weekend) and I promised myself I'll make an effort w/ the hair when I'm a Yummy Mummy again.


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