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Momma Kiss: O the Weather outside is frightful!

Momma Kiss

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

O the Weather outside is frightful!

On Monday, we left the house and it was 8 degrees. Fahrenheit. Frigid ass cold.

Yesterday, morning was in the 20's, but evening? I walked up to my 'hood rat friend's house and it was eerily humid and probably like 45 degrees. Odd.

This morning? It's windy as hell, with some pissing rain tossed in and like 60 degrees.


So the lovely wind totally destroyed my 'do, why I even bother some times is beyond me. I would, however, like to share that I was stylin in a new coat. I gots me a puffy coat. It's white. It fits like a glove (a lil ace ventura? anyone?). And it was only $10. TEN BUCKS!

I'm not gonna lie, I look fabulous in it.

I am a little bit shocked that me, a sort of clumsy mother of 2 young messy angelic boys, purchased it in white. My ongoing challenge will be to keep that puppy pristine, just like my virtue...


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