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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Juicy Reminder - Coming to Boston!

Remember that post I wrote letting you all know that Juice in the City is coming to Boston? NO?? Do you NOT commit to memory every. single. word. I type? Fine. Well, it’s here, if you’d like a refresher (you know you do – and – Ahem – one of the JITC founders commented on that one. Uh huh.)

My thoughts in that post still ring true, even as my Momma still struggles with expenses. And Mr. Kiss still hasn’t found a job (up to appx 130 rejections now). We had to install a new furnace. The ‘old’ car didn’t pass inspection, so more money had to be spent just to drive it away. Expenses. Money issues. Sigh.

Anyjuice, a reminder to any Boston Moms who would be interested in becoming a Local Business Consultant for Juice in the City – check them out. Especially if you’re in the Brookline/Newton/North End areas. If you’re familiar with your community, know of some great local hot spots and places to go – give this a shot. The info is here – and yes, like I said before, it says MAKE MONEY!

Moms helping moms. Nothing better.

You can follow Juice in the City on twitter @jitcboston and their facebook page. When Boston's deals are up and running, please subscribe!

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Blogger Mommy Needs a Vacation said...

Did I ever tell you my brother lives in Boston? Well, he does and the next time I visit him...I am meeting your ass for cocktails.

7/2/11, 12:26 AM  

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