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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Urine for a surprise

I got peed on this morning. 


By my 3 year old.  He was pretty sleepy, I'll give him that. Seriously, tho?  He couldn't wait to turn his body toward the toilet and instead he peed on my hand as I tried to help him pull down his sweaty jammies.


This has been sort of a trend in the past few days, not gonna lie. 


Saturday night I was able to get away to walk and spend time with my girl A. I stayed over, which was heavenly.  When we got back from dinner, I offered to take her new puppy out since she does it all the time. To give her a break, you know?  Well the little bastard was so excited to go out, he couldn't hold it. Peed on my foot. And my favorite flip flops.  It's a really good thing I also have a dog and that stuff doesn't gross me out, but really?


Today, I got metaphorically peed on. Well, my ego did.  I got the whole "We need to cut spending" convo from Mr. Kiss.  Don't get me wrong. I knew this was coming.  It's just hard to fully face the reality that since he's had zero progress with the job hunt, and nothing looking good any time soon, well, it's time to skip Starbucks and name brand cereal.  Still, it hurt a little bit, in a selfish way. Since I've been working as a "grown up", I've never had to reign myself in…I've been comfortable.


Like I said, selfish – we now have kids with expenses and medical copays and a New England Sized mortgage.


Anyway, that's a lotta pee, ain't it?


Know what totally made my day? I got another donation for my 3 Day Walk.  Just this morning. I have already surpassed the minimum fundraising goal of $2,300 – they require every walker to raise at least that much to participate.  Know where I'm at today? At this very second?




Over four thousand dollars. Pledged to the Susan G. Komen foundation. Supporting me and my miles.  My girl A was gobsmacked, and I was too, if I'm being honest. I mean, every single dollar counts, and I've dropped to my knees I'm so humbled at times. (yes, me. I pray. And I'm grateful for the gift of humility).  I can't leave out my team mate Poppy ( who is also more than half way to her minimum goal.  We have some good people in our lives, that's the truth.


Since I'm focusing on the Not Being Peed On news, this just in!  I was on the 3 Day site and noticed that they had spectator info listed for the Boston event.  Get this – you can send me a letter to say "go you" or "Save Boobies!" or even "fuck off, yah bitch!" I'll get mail on the walk! That's pretty freakin' cool if you ask me.  Here's the info – it'll only cost you a stamp:


Write a letter expressing your love and support to your walker, which we'll deliver to her/him on the event.

Send letters to:

3-Day for the Cure


P.O. Box 181270

Boston, MA 02118

Envelopes only, please. No boxes or large packages. Mail must be postmarked no later than July 12th in order to ensure delivery at the 3-Day Camp Post Office. Please note: This address is not the actual location of camp, but a PO Box for mail delivery only. Any mail that is not received by the 3-Day by the date above or retrieved by the participant by August 7th will be destroyed.



**if you don't know my name but want to write a letter, e-mail me

I hope I get mail from you. And you. You, too – reading this post in the bathroom. Yes, even you. 

Now, go on. Enjoy your day. Feel your boobies. Hug a friend. Don't pee on them.




Anonymous Truthful Mommy said...

Aww, mama, sorry you are getting pissed on in every direction. I know the feeling and I HATE having to financially reign my self in.Suck ass economy.Sorry about your husband getting downsized.Bigger and better coming your way!

5/24/11, 12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd take a 3-year-old accidentally peeing on me. In college, I fell asleep on the couch with a girl. And by fell asleep I mean we were passed out drunk. And then she peed on me and the couch.


5/24/11, 12:45 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

Sorry about the literal and figurative pee.

THAT sucks.

As for the fundraising success and receiving letters on your walk?

THAT kicks ass.

I know life's a balancing act between the good and the bad; but here's to the scales tipping all the way toward "good" for you and yours, girl.

You? Deserve it.

5/24/11, 1:12 PM  
Anonymous Lori said...

Hate getting peed on.

Literally, metaphorically, you know.

All of it.

You're kickin' my ass in the fundraising department though! Go YOU!!!!!

5/24/11, 1:23 PM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

That sucks rocks....all that peeing going on! Bright side- it's not shit!! ;)

So, so awesome funds for the walk!!! That is fantastic!
Can't wait to write a proud of you for doing this. You will be great!!! With poppy no less!


5/24/11, 1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's really amazing how much my life revolves around urine since becoming a father. And I haven't even started to think about toilet training.

As someone who went from a DINK to one-income with two kids, the "reigning in" bit sucks. But, dealing with the after-effects of not reigning things in sucks worse.

Congratulations on the fundraising - that's quite the number, though I think it just speaks to just how great you are :-)

5/24/11, 1:50 PM  
Anonymous Shell said...

That's a lot of pee, girl!

How cool about the letters! And way to go on the fundraising!

5/24/11, 4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've only been getting the metaphorical pee so I guess I should be grateful. Hope things turn around for you soon. We've been cutting back around here for a year or so but it hasn't been enough. We need to do the drastic budget thing but it's going to suck.

Great job on the fundraising! You rock!

5/24/11, 4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've only been peed on once today? Pffft.

5/24/11, 6:59 PM  
Anonymous Alison Golden - The Secret Life of a Warrior Woman said...

Sorry about the pee. It sucks when that happens. Funny how we get used to it. And great job on the fundraising - awesome sauce!

5/24/11, 9:53 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

OMG - this is awesome! Well, two things are awesome; your tremendous $ and this mail thingy.

I donated to Poppy last week. I hope she gets to her goal soon!

5/24/11, 10:03 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Sorry about all of the pee. My son actually just discovered the art of peeing standing up so I'm finding pee everywhere (two cupboards and a toy box today).
I'm glad you can see the good in life and are getting such great donations. Hope you stop getting peed on soon.

5/24/11, 10:29 PM  
Anonymous tracy@sellabitmum said...

Way to go on your money raised. The letters are an amazing idea.xo

Oh sweet pee - I don't have boys or dogs so I've been lucky thus far.

5/25/11, 12:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a heads up - Im going to send you porn. =)

5/25/11, 12:47 AM  
Blogger Jennie said...

WHOA! That's a lot of piss.

5/25/11, 1:15 AM  
Blogger Jessica said...

So do we address the letter to MommaKiss? I want to send you one.

5/25/11, 2:51 AM  
Blogger Cori said...

LOL I LOVE your "URINE" for a surprise title!! Perfect!!

Congrats raising so much money! That is awesome, and for such a great cause!!

5/25/11, 6:05 PM  
Blogger Tina @ Life Without Pink said...

I get you with the whole "pee" thing...And congratulations on raising so much money!

5/25/11, 8:27 PM  
Anonymous Sandra said...

Can I feel your boobies? Mine aren't real fun bags!
Too bad I can't send a parcel. I'd put cookies in it. And chocolate.
And thanks for the comment at my place. Thanks to your kind words of "snap out of it bitch" I feel a million times better! I love ya! You so know you and Poppy are getting a letter from me! I live for that kind of stuff!

5/25/11, 11:33 PM  
Blogger Wombat Central said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

5/26/11, 11:01 AM  
Blogger Wombat Central said...

I think that may be my new favorite blog post title. Because puns about bodily functions are full of the funneh. In other news, I'm turning 13 this month. ;D

5/26/11, 11:03 AM  
Blogger Elena said...

Well, I'm sorry about all the urine but so excited about all that you've raised! And? That's the best title for a post EVER!

5/26/11, 2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's awesome news on your fundraising efforts. On the day of the event may it be sunny skies devoid of rain and golden showers. ;-)

p.s. oh good grief. you're right, blogger is being a douche again and it keeps wanting me to login. -- SaucyB

5/27/11, 2:31 PM  
Blogger Mad Woman behind the Blog said...

Ugh, that I have to look forward too. Good thing you've done such a fabu job of selling how WONDERFUL boys are.

And the fundraising: awesomesauce.

Looks like I've got some letter writing to do.

Does anyone know if pornography will cause walkers/runners to trip? Can't give my lovah road rash...or at least not THAT way!

5/27/11, 7:22 PM  
Blogger By Word of Mouth Musings said...

Nothing like being peed on to say I love you!

5/28/11, 8:56 AM  
Anonymous Kimberly has small boobs but they're healthy said...

You know you're going to get a boob note from me.

5/29/11, 12:28 AM  
Blogger Alison@Mama Wants This said...

Awesome news on the donations! I'd like to send you mail - fancy a card from Malaysia? :)

I just got peed on a couple of days ago. What is it with little boys? Gah.

5/29/11, 3:52 AM  
Anonymous tulpen said...

I'll mail you pics of hot naked men.

Remind me.

I'll totally forget.

5/29/11, 8:42 PM  
Blogger Mrs. C said...

The joys of parenthood! lol Congrats on your fundraising!

-Mrs. C

6/1/11, 2:22 PM  
Blogger Lady Jennie said...

I sometimes get peed on by my 5 year old when we wake him up at midnight to go. So we're pee sistas.

6/1/11, 4:08 PM  
Blogger Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

Wait. Did you just tell me to pee on my boobies and feel up my friends? JK. Heh. I'm so excited for your walk! My sister and gma both had breast cancer. What a great cause you are supporting. I love you, MommaKiss! Rock on with your bad self. xoxoxoxo

6/1/11, 9:22 PM  
Anonymous Ameena said...

You are a superstar for doing this mom is in the midst of recovering from chemo thanks to a bad boob. It sucks. But you rock.

Sorry about the pee thing. At least you weren't thrown up on like I was...I'm not sure which is worse...

6/6/11, 4:55 PM  

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