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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I’m getting all bloggy about Shutterfly again. I love their site – have used them for years and years…and I couldn’t pass up the chance to take part in their Mother’s Day blog event. Humor me.

Do you send cards for Mother’s Day? I do. If I’m running behind, which is typical, I’ll whip up some hand made cards to send to my brother’s wives, other “moms” in my life, friends who are moms. I don’t think we’re recognized enough. Seriously. If you don’t send cards, at least e-mail or text (or call) other mothers. They need the pick me up.

Ok – so the cards. If I’ve left enough time – I could send one of these. They’d even address and stamp them for me, talk about easy peasy.

I’m considering a Momma’s Photobook this year for my mother in law. I haven’t printed digital photos in ages – I use the books more. For trip memories, birthday party pics, adult toy party shenanigans. You know – the milestones in life. Ahem. Ok – back to the mother in law. Her birthday is 2 days before, so double duty gift! Score! I’ll just need to double check that she gets the family picture book and not the “shenanigan” book.

This is where I tell you to go – now – and check out the Fly products. Get it? Fly? From Shutterlfy? *facepalm.

Also? Are you a blogger? Click here to sign up for a chance at 50 free cards from Shutterfly.

Enjoy, kids!

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Blogger John said...

Holy shit - mother's day is around the corner! Wow. It always sneaks up on me.

And, I'll certainly be doing something for those mothers who mean something to me, even if I didn't live inside them for 9 months . . . it's easy to forget how a little bit of effort works a long, long way the second Sunday of May (see, I even know the rule for when Mother's day happens, but it still sneaks up on me.

4/27/11, 8:08 AM  

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