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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just A Mom

I just ordered myself a new t-shirt. My old one was looking a little ragged. Mostly because I wore it too much.

It says "Just a Mom. I don't think so."

Sold by a local company, Mom’s Rock, who’s manifesto is pretty kick ass if you ask me.

Anyway – ‘tis that time of the year I guess. When I wonder if I'm "Just a Mom." Or "Just a Wife." Or "Just a friend."

Hold on and work with me, people.

Ever feel like you just have a gajillion things going on? And no where to go but, well, anywhere but here?

I’m feeling that way. And I’m not even that busy at work. But there’s stuff to be done there because it’s about to get busy. At home, there are projects on my ‘to do’ list that are haunting me.


Like a lil voice going “hellooooo, this gorgeous hand drawn picture of your children? The one that a friend drew for you? Right here?? That frame is STILL too small – FIX IT NOW!”

I hear that shit. In my head. Maybe I should get this checked out.

Wait. I already do that. The head shrinking stuff.

So I currently have approximately 17 balls up in the air and I’m juggling and I’m figuring it out.

Want to know what’s helping me? I have accepted (for now) that I’m only one person. And I can only do so much.

And some of it won’t be perfect.

And dust bunnies will breed.

And laundry will pile [oh the muthereffing laundry!]

But my kids?

They will smell of SunScream and mud. They will be tired from giggling and playing. They will be fed. They will (hopefully) remember our play time and not the hairy corners of the living room. They will (also hopefully) respect my decision to work out of the home.

And at the end of the day, they will tell me…all sing-songy…that they love me “more than minty cookies*” and I’ll be completely happy with that.

Am I "just" anything? I don't think so ;)

*thin mints. those little bitches got me again. but they're the best currency going for the boys these days. girl scouts FTW!

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Blogger The mad woman behind the blog said...

Its absolutely disturbing how alike our lives are.

And I like how you tell it.

Now, where can I find myself a girl scout?!?!?!

4/22/10, 7:55 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

left you something at my blog!!
Come get your award! Yay!

4/23/10, 8:55 AM  
Blogger Val said...

the boys will never remember the hairy corners. Just how much you love them. And those damn cookies.


4/23/10, 2:25 PM  
Blogger JenJen said...

hi Dammit
those cookies are bitches.

4/23/10, 5:27 PM  
Anonymous Melissa said...

Qua?! You mean I can't do it all?!

I've given that up about 10 months ago, actually: June 2, 2009 when my son was born. The only thing that still lingers is my discomfort. I really dislike that my home isn't as clean as I want it to be. And if I only have two, how do those crazy women with 4 boys keep all their socks white and their homes void of dust? If they can do it, shouldn't I? Seriously. Am I?

Sorry...just a little self doubt for your Saturday!

4/24/10, 2:53 PM  

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