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Momma Kiss

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Thursday, January 15, 2009


The radio is currently playing Achey Breaky Heart.

I think I'm going to throw it across the room!!!

I other news, my kid's 'bloody nose' appears to have been a one shot deal. Thankyoubabyjesus. He was up hollerin' last night, tho - growth spurt, maybe? I haven't had a full night's sleep in - how old is Big Kiss? 3 and a half years? Well before that, even, damn pregnancy wouldn't let me sleep, either.

I did decide to get my drink on last night. Had me some champagne & chambord. Mmmmm. Took my 2 prenatals - and I was pretty set this morning. Not tip top shape, but not hanging like a dawg, either.

I need to stop doing that, tho - the mid-week cocktail hour. I should save my calories for other things, like, oh? Food? Yah. So hopefully next week I can save up & party on the weekend.

Happy Friday Eve!


Blogger Momma Ski said...

Nothing wrong with a liquid diet LOL

1/17/09, 2:48 PM  

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