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Momma Kiss: Oh the Joy

Momma Kiss

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oh the Joy

Tonight is the Mr.'s holiday party. In the big City.

We booked the babysitter and will be heading out around 6 - after I get my hair did and my fancy party clothes on.

The joyous part?

Well, part 1 is that it's supposed to snow, big time - around 9pm. Cripes. We won't leave till 11 or 12, so I'm sure that will be fun.

Part 2 is that I get to be the designated driver. Not only do I have to put up w/ the Mr.'s co-workers - I have to do it sober.

See the JOY!?!?!?

SIDE NOTE here - Big Kiss is singing to me: "I love my mom, my mom is cool"



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