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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Houska Joulua

Houska Joulua!

That's Merry Christmas in Finnish and it's like "HOUSEka YO-lou-wa."

Mom made it in - at 2.30am Monday morning. 10am Monday morning we headed out to NYC, stopping every half hour or so to toss snow on my windshield because even though I had a full tank of cleaner, the lines were frozen, so a-ghett0-we-will-go with the snow tossing!

Whirlwind trip in the frozen Concrete Jungle and today we sat around most of the day.

Nothing better.

My children are asleep, I exchanged gifts w/ my husband (he screwed the budget and got me diamonds!) and now Mom & I plan to finish watching a movie.

Happy Christmas to all!


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