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Momma Kiss

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Woke up to snow this morning. And then freezing rain on TOP of that snow. Driving around in my all-weather-Honda-Accord was a really good time.

Anyway - I went to the mall yesterday to get a gift cert for my 18 year old nephew. He asked for Abercrombie, AE or Hollister. For the love of all that is good and holy - I avoid those stores at all costs - even switch sides of the mall when I know they're approaching. "Hollister on the right, let's move!" The smell, the music, the tiny children working there with scuffed hair and ass cracks showing. It's not my vision of joy At. All.

However, because I love my nephew, I found Hollister first and went in. I had to YELL to request my gift card, and YELL harder that "no, I didn't need a bag, just let me get the eff out of here" and I basically ran to the safety of the hallway.

That was the last gift I needed to purchase! SCHWEW!

Now the holiday baking must be done.

Let the games begin....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I walked by Hollister yesterday afternoon & thought of you and that made me laugh.

I can't stand those stores either. Too loud, too much perfume, too many teeny boppers. Damn. I sound old.

12/17/08, 1:52 PM  

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