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Momma Kiss

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Funday

There is so much shit going on, I don't even know where to begin.

The best part is, I'm not sad or sick or mad or whatever, just busy. Living life, working, being a mom, wife and know, that shit you do when you just do it?



Not to mention, I'm exhausted today. For a super reason, but damn, I feel like dying. I took a costanza nap today - from 12.30 to 1.15 - locked the door, lights off, under my desk. That would have been This Kid. 

WHY was I up so late? Watching the Packers win the Super Bowl, silly.  All by myself. Well, I let the boys watch the first quarter with me, but then drugged them and watched the rest all alone. Pure Bliss. I may have cried at the end. Whatever, I felt my sconnie pride. Plus? Mr. Kiss called me and all the Grown Men were crying, too.  It seems everyone becomes an emo pussy when their team wins the big game.  I'm OK with it.

p.s. I'm not moving to Texas. Fuck the French.

p.p.s. My girl A was asked by a store clerk where she gets her hair cut and how long did it take to grow it out? It's a fucking wig, she replied, but thanks!

p.p.p.s. I'm watching Despicable Me and sorta want the soundtrack.

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Blogger ☾ Ash ♡ said...

Seriously, I love you.

Fuck the French.


2/7/11, 6:35 PM  
Anonymous John said...

Momma, I just want to say you're awesome.

And fuck the French, at every opportunity possible. I endorse this idea.

2/7/11, 7:06 PM  
Anonymous Bruna said...

I wish I could take an afternoon nap :)
You're hilarious!

2/7/11, 8:06 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

We watched Despicable Me like 10 times when the kids had strep. Sound track? Oh heeelll no. But you? Dance, woman, dance!! :)

2/7/11, 8:38 PM  
Anonymous Kimberly said...

I love love love Despicable Me. Must be because I have no girls here. Those girls were so damn cute!

And the Costanza nap...gonna have to try that one tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

2/7/11, 9:13 PM  
Anonymous Jennie @ Modern Mamaz said...

I took more afternoon naps when I worked full time then I do now as a stay at home mom. Seriously. I used to sleep in the back seat of my car on my lunch break. I even had a blanket in there.

2/8/11, 12:52 AM  
Blogger Symdaddy said...

Don't fuck the French!

Fuck those bastards that make me get up at 4.30 am and say "Go home!"

2/8/11, 1:20 AM  
Anonymous Jessica D Torres said...

I know the feeling of being exhausted but unfortunately as a stay at home to a toddler that refuses to nap for me I don't get any midday rest. Must be nice to have an office with a door you can lock to take a nap. Hope you enjoyed it.

2/8/11, 1:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Val said...

You know what I have to say about this. ;)

2/8/11, 10:30 AM  
Blogger Ms.Wasteland said...

She must have a really awesome wig. I'm thinking about taking a big, fat nap this afternoon, too. It's been a long week. (Yes, I know it's only Tuesday.)

2/8/11, 10:58 AM  
Blogger Shell said...

I love that you took a nap like that. I did that once in my classroom and got busted by the custodian.

A is awesome. I hope that person felt like a dumbass.

2/8/11, 12:33 PM  
Blogger KLZ said...

Go Packers!

I will never say that again, so savor it. I'm just happy they made you happy.

2/8/11, 1:52 PM  
Blogger Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli said...

That Constanza nap is sounding pretty tempting right now.

2/8/11, 4:13 PM  
Blogger Di said...

The hubby and I watched Despicable Me alone together. The kiddo at 5 weeks old wasn't into it but we loved it. Now to convince him to rent Shrek with me!

2/8/11, 4:54 PM  
Blogger Tiffany said...

so, i guess i won't say that i was excited that the packers won...


2/8/11, 5:19 PM  
OpenID said...

I'll forgive you for showing Texas no love...this time. *wink*wink* I may live in Michigan but i'll always be a Texas girl at heart. Love the wig story.

2/8/11, 8:33 PM  
Blogger The mad woman behind the blog said...

I so need a Costanza nap. I have a pillow and everything!
And yes, I'm happy for your Packer win, wish I could have enjoyed it: Fuck the French indeed. Our SB guest was French and she would NOT SHUT UP!

2/8/11, 8:46 PM  
Anonymous Erin I'm Gonna Kill Him said...

Why didn't you drug ME after the 1st quarter? I'm pissed now.

2/8/11, 11:58 PM  
Blogger Saucy B said...

Love Despicable Me. It made me, and my emo husband, cry. haha

2/9/11, 8:28 AM  
Blogger Boobies said...

I LOVE that you took a Costanza nap...Wonder if I could swing that at home under my desk without the kids finding me?

Despicable Me was a cute movie...I would know. I had to watch it at least 399348 times. ;)

2/9/11, 10:37 AM  
Blogger Lisa..... said...

Busy is sucky. I need a vacation and a tropical drink.

2/9/11, 11:40 AM  
Blogger tulpen said...

I'm glad you're not moving away. Again, I don't know why, as we've never actually met, but we totally should as we live like what? An hour from each other? We suck.

I could give a shit about the SuperBowl. Didn't even watch the commercials this year.

2/9/11, 7:50 PM  
Anonymous Kimberly said...

Jebus Costanza...haha! That was the best episode. My family jokes that's me at work...I don't deny that my job is lame and that I may or may not take 3 hour lunch breaks but who's really counting.
PS. I ate like Jebus probably did at the last supper on Sunday. Football food is awesome
PPS. That still doesn't make me like football
PPPS. Cancer still sucks

2/9/11, 7:51 PM  
Blogger The Empress said...

Oh, the loveliness of those naps.

They are so wonderful.

And, no Texas?? I am so sad for you. I was all excited for the house.

It'll be alright,honey..

2/10/11, 12:22 AM  
Blogger The Blue Zoo said...

Oh hell yeah! Despicable Me is AWESOME. I love that movie.

2/10/11, 2:54 AM  
Blogger LiBBy said...

Ive never met you but I love you and all because you said "Fuck the French".

2/10/11, 3:17 AM  
Blogger Moooooog35 said...

I'm French.

Just throwing that out there.

2/10/11, 8:44 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

"It's a fucking wig, but thanks!"


2/10/11, 8:46 AM  

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